Animations for informed and healthy community.

We specialize in creating and developing animations to spread awareness on health issues.

We Educate

Breaking big rocks of knowledge to easy digestable and absorbable forms.

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Blueprints on
all aspects of health.A healthy individual a prospering society.

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We Are Friendly

Delivering the seemingly intricate health education in a community friendly way while having fun.

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Youth Club

Being young, energetic with humongous levels of self care make a great health combo.

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Towards Informed and Healthy Society.


Our Vision

To be the leading, most creative, and well recognized health based media company that delivers health knowledge by inspiring behavioral changes towards better health practice.


Our Mission

To bring health care services to the communities’ doorsteps, inspiring and impacting Behavioral changes towards good health practices through digitalized, educative, friendly and entertaining comprehensive health information.


What we value

Integrating media and innovation around the health sector, embracing creativity and technology, valuing art, personal skills, and talents.

Creating tramendous impact on society from what we believe and do daily.

We operate national wide, in rural and urban areas, making health education accessible, promoting awareness through age speci­fic, entertaining and co-created animation presented in simple Swahili language and illustrations.

We use comics, animations and other related digital means as a mainstay tool for presenting health information in a story based and entertaining way but yet educative to the target population.

We get room to meet with people from different age groups and gender, discuss around sexual and reproductive health, showcase comics and animations around the discussion topics and get feedback from these discussions on what to do better.

Our Process

We use both art and technology to create innovative solutions.

1. Concept

it starts with transforming complex health information into story based and educative health content by its effective team of story writers.


scripts are developed that would guide illustrations, Animations, motion graphics, comics and comic videos developed by computer generated imagery technology using computer based applications.

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Dar es salaam - Tanzania

+255 620 446 785 / +255 679 426 311